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Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression (PLDD) is a highly successful minimally invasive treatment for disc hernia/protrusion, which has been transforming the lives of back pain sufferers since its invention in the mid-1980s. The procedure involves an optical fiber being inserted through a needle (under X-ray guidance), laser energy is then sent through the fiber vaporizing a tiny portion of the disc nucleus. This creates a partial vacuum which draws the protrusion/herniation away from the nerve root, decompressing it.

PLDD is currently offered at Queen Anne Street Medical Centre under the direction of Dr. Gian Paolo Tassi. Dr. Tassi has treated more than 4,000 patients worldwide with PLDD since Dec 2002 and has more experience in this procedure than any other doctor since Prof. Daniel S. J. Choy and Dr. Johannes Hellinger retired in 2011.

PLDD Key Facts

• Local anesthesia
• Out-patient procedure
• Tiny needle (18 or 20 Gauge)
• No cuts of the skin, muscles, ligaments or drilling of the bone
• 85% positive results
• 4% reoccurrence
• Low incidence of complications - 0.1% of discitis
For more information on PLDD visit www.pldd-london.eu

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