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Dr Kare Tang has been a consultant cardiologist for over 15 years and is trained in general cardiology as well as general medicine. He has experience in managing heart rhythm disorders, pacemaker implantation, hypertension, cardiac screening, valvular heart disease as well as heart failure. He sub-specialises in coronary intervention with coronary stenting with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and manages all types of coronary artery disease including the most challenging and toughest category of chronic total occlusion (CTO). He is the go-to cardiologist for cases which are deemed too high risk or deemed not operable for conventional cardiac surgery. He has been trained in renowned cardiac centres including Papworth and Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, Hammersmith Hospital in London as well as at the Prince of Wales Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is currently the highest volume operator at the Essex cardiothoracic Centre where he participate in the interventional rota to manage heart attack emergencies for the counties Essex and Suffolk. His experience in this field is immense and has resulted in research publication in journals including the New England Journal of Medicine. His mild and confident manner is well liked by both his colleagues as well as patients he treats. He is a director of the Essex Medical Society and fellow of the Royal College of Physicians.

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